‘Ek tha Bhujang’ is a story of a 10 years old boy wanting to play the role of Lord Krishna… the hindu GOD, in the school drama. There’s only one thing that stops him from getting this role. He is a muslim boy. The teacher who is directing the drama believes that a muslim boy should not play the role of Hindu GOD. But he can’t make it obvious. So, he tells Kabir that he doesn’t look like a hero.

Since the drama is about Lord Krishna’s battle with a large snake, Kabir invents a lie in form of Bhujang which means a large snake in Hindi. How that lie gets bigger than him and how he faces his fears to get the role is what “Ek tha Bhujang” is all about.

“Ek tha Bhujang” is also the about a teacher’s journey, who realizes that one has to rise above personal biases to do what needs to be rightfully done.

Director Biography:

Mohinder Pratap Singh has been associated with theatre for about a decade in Indore, Delhi and Mumbai. His journey as a writer began in advertising, when he got a job in Leo Burnett as a copywriter, where he worked for 4 years. After which he wrote a bit of television, directed and produced some corporate films. And then feature films happened. He has written screenplay, dialogue and even two songs for a film called ‘Happi’ directed by BhavnaTalwar. He has directed a short film called “Salt ‘n’ Pepper” in 2007.

“EkthaBhujang” is his first feature film as a writer-director.

Script / Screenplay Mohinder Pratap Singh

Camera Dhirendra Shukla

Editor Asif Ali Shaikh

Cast Yashit Duggal, Siddant Gupta, Zubin Mehta, Pritma Manohar, Suren