Ek Ajooba (A Miracle)

(A Miracle)

Director: Sunil Advani


Chitra is sad that despite working hard she fails to secure first rank in class. Help arrives in the form of Guruji, a family friend and philosopher. He gives Chitra some holy ash that gives her the required confidence to try harder to reach her goal. However, her brother and his friend conspire to acquire this ‘magical’ ash as a means to find quick solutions to their problems. What is this magical ash Guruji has given? Will it help Chitra come first in class? Will her brother and his friend get hold of it? Starring the legendary Bollywood actor Amrish Puri, Ek Ajooba is an inspiring film that tells kids that a lot of hard work and a little confidence, is the real miracle in life


Director’s Biography: Sunil Advani
Sunil Advani is a filmmaker who has made documentary films, medical films, ad films and TV commercials. ‘EK Ajooba’ is his first feature film