Dubashi (The Translator)

(The Translator)

Director: K Hariharan
/1999/Colour/96mins (Also available in: Hindi, Tamil, Kannada)


12 year old Gopal is the son of Rama Rao – a translator (Dubashi) and has picked up a flair for translation. His introvert elder brother is a sculptor who has promised Gopal his bicycle as soon as his apprenticeship gets over. When the bicycle gets damaged in an accident, to avoid disappointment, Rama Rao tells Gopal that the cycle has been taken away by the government as part of a government policy. Innocent Gopal now aspires to get his brother a job and get a bicycle. Can a little child do what elders could not?


Director’s Biography: K Hariharan
K.Hariharan, an FTII Direction alumnus, has directed and produced many films and documentaries. His first film ‘Ghashiram Kotwal’ was selected at the Berlin Film Festival, Indian Panorama in 1978. He was also involved in the production and direction of some landmark TV serials including ‘Understanding Cinema, Looking Beyond with Hugh & Colleen Antzer’ & ‘Maale Manivanna’. He established the first ever Indian Film Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a guest faculty in numerous universities including University of Pennsylvania, Miami University and FTII. He is currently the Director of L V Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai.