Babula (Dost) – The Friend

The Friend

Director: Sadhu Meher
/1985/Colour/129mins (Also available in: Oriya, Hindi, Kannada)


While looking for his lost dog, Babula finds a strange looking creature who is actually an alien from outer space. He brings the creature home and hides him in his room. Babula takes care of him and the two develop a loving bond. However, when his parents discover the alien, they try to kill him thinking it could harm their child. Babula is deeply upset by this reaction and tells his friend to escape the violence of his world and go back to his own planet. The film contrasts the suspicious nature of adults versus the trusting perspective of children, hinting that be it in this world or another, the most important emotion is compassion.


Director’s Biography: Sadhu Meher
Actor, director, writer and producer Sadhu Meher is an FTII alumnus who has emerged as a prominent filmmaker from the state of Orissa. He began his acting career in the landmark Mrinal Sen film ‘Bhuvan Shome’ that became the film to kick-start the New Indian Cinema wave. He has acted in many other important films including Shyam Benegal ‘Ankur’, ‘Nishant’ and ‘Manthan’, and ‘Gharonda’. In 1977 he wrote and directed his first film ‘Abhimaan’ which became one of the most important films in the Oriya language. He has since directed and acted in many feature and short films.