Dilli Ki Kahani (Delhi’s Story)

(Delhi’s Story)

Director: Rajendra Sharma


Delhi, the capital city of India has a history and tradition that spans thousands of years and is the confluence of innumerable races and cultures. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the President of India when this film was made, talks to a group of children about the city’s great panoramic past. A highly learned and philosophical man, Dr. Prasad, combines a rare simplicity with deep insight into the various aspects of Indian history through the story of this great city. This helps kids understand the rich heritage of this great nation.


Director’s Biography: Rajendra Sharma
Rajendra Sharma graduated in law and went to Calcutta to work in films. Working first as assistant director, he later secured a job as production controller in Ranjit Studios. He went on to make many films. He then joined CFSI and on their behalf wrote, produced and directed several films.


All India Certificates of Merit For Children’s Film – state Awards for Films – 1960