Dhoomketu (The Comet)

(The Comet)

Director: Gopal Krishnan
Hindi/1985/Colour/113mins (Also available in: Kannada)


Kailash Dutta, an amateur astronomer loves studying comets. His passion is shared by his kids Bittu and Jhumki. After Kailash discovers a comet on a collision course with earth, it sends alarm bells ringing across the governments of the world. While his wife, a superstitious woman, tries to counter the disaster through a pilgrimage, Kailash collaborates with global scientists to avert the disaster. When a neighbouring gang takes an evil interest in thwarting Kailash’s research, it is up to his kids to foil their attempts and by helping their father do his work, save the world. But are two little kids any match for a powerful gang?


Director’s Biography: Gopal Krishnan
Gopal Krishnan is a Science graduate from Agra University who later took to engineering. He began writing short stories and film scripts, prior to embarking on making advertising films and documentaries, and even writing film jingles. ‘Dhoomketu’ is his first feature film