Desha Sa Kulu Re Pyara (Children’s Camp Manali)

(Children’s Camp Manali)

Director: Chandita Mukherjee


Children from a SOS Children’s Village in Faridabad, an institution that raises orphaned and destitute children in family units, are up in a mountaineering camp in Manali. The kids are despondent initially as they are unable to perform the physical challenges put up by trainers. Later they are overjoyed at overcoming irrational fears and discovering endurance within themselves. In a film presented as children’s narratives with their voiceovers, the kids develop a close bond with the instructors that seemed heartless brutes in the beginning of the camp.


Director’s Biography: Chandita Mukherjee
Chandita Mukherjee is an FTII, direction alumnus who began her career producing children’s science programs with SITE. Her research on the history of Indian science and technology resulted in “Bharat Ki Chaap”. She has worked on a series of Totanama stories – legendary folklore tables using the parrot as the central symbol of communication. She is the Director of Comet Media Foundation, founding member of AVEHI – a resource centre of educational media artefacts, Pratishad – an organization to enlist cultural resources against communalism, and Science Education Group – a society to promulgate a comprehensive scientific attitude.