Director: Raja Sen


Damu, an orphan boy, is sheltered and raised by a kind man. He develops a friendship with the man’s grand daughter Runku and once carelessly promises her an elephant ride through the village. When that does not materialize, Runku is disappointed. Ashamed at failing his promise, Damu sets out in search of an elephant. He finally comes across a circus but the manager refuses to see him. Damu’s dejection turns to alarm when he stumbles upon a plot to rob the circus. Can little Damu save the circus and fulfill his promise to Runku in this National Award winning film?


Director’s Biography: Raja Sen
Raja Sen is a renowned documentary filmmaker and TV series director. He came to prominence with his teleserial ‘Subarnalata’. His other TV series ‘Adarsha Hindu Hotel’ was equally popular. Raja has won three National Awards, first for his documentary ‘Suchitra Mitra’ in 1993, then for ‘Damu’ that was awarded the best Children’s film in 1995 and ‘Atmiyo Swajan’ a Bengali film in 1999. He has directed and produced over 40 documentaries, telefilms and serials