Dak Ghar (Post Office)

(Post Office)

Director: Zul Vellani
Hindi- English Subtitle /1965/Colour/61mins


A sick child Amal is confined to his bed in an enclosed room. He is sad at not being able to move outside like other kids. His only access to the outside world is what he can see through the window. The boy weaves stories around all that he sees and uses his imagination to see himself in different guises – as a yoghurt seller, a fakir and his favourite of them all, the king’s postman. Based on a play by Rabindranath Tagore, Dak Ghar brings together a collage of talents from Indian cinema helming different role in the film including Kaifi Azmi, M S Sathyu, Madan Mohan, Sharmila Tagore and Balraj Sahni. The film won the Golden Plaque at a film festival in Tehran in 1966.


Director’s Biography: Zul Vellani
Actor, director, scriptwriter, producer and commentator Zul Vellani obtained a diploma in direction from the London Polytechnic. He worked for established directors such as Mehboob and Shantaram. He wrote film like ‘Amrapali’ and K.Vasudev’s ‘At Flue Past Flue’. Vellani has acted in short as well as feature films, notable among them being Conrad Rook’s ‘Siddhartha’. He was most active in the theatre circles of the country and his deep baritone voice made him the candidate of desire to narrate hundreds of documentaries and newsreels for Films Division. He died in 2010.

Gold Plaque Award – 2nd Tehran International Festival For Children & Young People – Iran – 1966