Daajyu (Big Brother)

(Big Brother)

Director: Madan Bawaria


Madan, a boy from the hills of Almora, becomes a waiter in a city hotel. He longs for his home and family and seems lost all the time. A new customer, Jagdish, also from Almora, begins eating in the restaurant regularly. The two become friends with Madan looking up on Jagdish as a big brother. However, Jagdish adapts to the city ways, while Madan stays the same, leading to a confrontation between the two.


Director’s Biography: Madan Bawaria
A diploma holder from the Film and Television Institute of India, (FTII) Pune, Madan Bawaria has directed many advertising film. He has also worked as a Chief Assistant Director to many well known directors including Basu Chatterjee in the feature films ‘Puja’ and ‘Manzil’.