i. Organisation Structure


ii. Vision

The Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) was established in 1955 to provide children with clean and healthy value based entertainment and also cater to their educational needs through the medium of films. CFSI makes and exhibits films that are specially suited for children.

iii. Mission

The Mission of CFSI is to facilitate promotion of children’s films by encouraging, strengthening and spreading the Children’s Film Movement all over the country and abroad.

iv. Service Standards

S.No. Main Services Standard
1. Proposal for making films on Outside Producer (OP) basis Prospective filmmakers
2. Hire of prints/DCP’s of films for various types of screenings Film Distribution
3. Theatrical / Non-Theatrical screenings in 35mm & DCP’s Cinema theatres / schools
4. Private Institutions / NGO’s / Trust / Individual Screenings The authorities concerned can buy VCD / DVDs of CFSI films for viewing. All NGO’s / Trust need to register on NGO Darpan Portal of NITI Ayog
5. Doordarshan Kendras (Central / Regional) The original version + dubbed version can be supplied for providing entertainment for viewing
6. Weeklong / Mini Children film festivals District & State level authorities are involved in the screenings of CFSI films
7. Children’s Film Bonanza CFSI organizes such Bonanzas during vacations for children
8. Film Appreciation / Video / Animation scriptwriting Workshops CFSI organizes such Workshops
9. International / National Children’s Film Festival India CFSI organizes such International Film Festivals once in every two years

v. Grievance Redressal Mechanism

CFSI redresses any grievance from a prospective Filmmaker or Exhibitor or any other Authority or person by acknowledging receipt of the grievance within 3 days and then looking into the matter/sorting it out on a priority basis.

Public Grievance Officer

Shri Rajesh Gohil, Accounts and Administrative Officer (Addl.Chg.)

Help line No. to lodge grievance

022 2352 1120

Website address : www.cfsindia.org

Email : admin@cfsindia.org

Response expected by person lodging grievance : acknowledging receipt of the grievance within 3 days and then looking into the matter/sorting it out on a priority basis and written reply.

Time line for redress : three days from receipt of written request

vi. Stakeholders / Clients

Our Clients are:

1. Prospective Film-makers.

2. Film Distributors and Organizers

3. School children

4. Schools, private as well as Govt. organizations, private individuals

5. Doordarshan Kendras (both Regional as well as National Network), various Satellite channels like Star Gold, Sahara T. V. etc.

6. District & State Authorities and Union Territories.

7. International and National Film Producers and Directors.

8. Vendors/Service Suppliers.

(1) Production
Prospective Film-makers

An opportunity to make a children’s film be it feature, short or TV serial by entering into an agreement with the Director of the Film (after the Synopsis, Script Budget etc. have been approved).

The details are as follows
Children’s film required duration

Feature film (Animation/Live Action) should be 75 to 90 minutes

Short film (Animation/Live Action) should not exceed 30 minutes

TV Serial (Animation/Live Action) should have 26 episodes and each episode should be 23 minutes


Content of film/TV serial can be in any of the 23 Indian languages recognized by GOI.


Features/ Shorts: Digital –2K, 4K;
T.V Serial: Digital Beta/DVCam/HDCam/2K DVCPRO-50


For practical purpose, all proposals should be submitted in Hindi & or English only.
The proposal must be approved at various stages before final sanction of the project.

STAGE 1 (Synopsis Submission by applicant)

1. CFSI accepts applications throughout the year on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for Synopsis Submission.

CFSI accepts application only from Director/ Executive Producer of the proposed film / serial.

Director of the film can be treated as its Executive Producer. In case, the proposal is being submitted by Production Company as Executive Producer, it is essential to get a Confirmation Letter from the proposed Director that he/she intends to direct the proposed film.

2. Proposal should be submitted with the following essentials:-

Form-I (Ten Copies)

Synopsis and Treatment Note (Ten Copies)

  • For Live Action Feature / short: Synopsis with Treatment Note, not more than Seven pages in Hindi / English.
  • For Television Serial of minimum 26 episodes: Synopsis & Treatment Note of entire serial in not more than Seven pages strictly & detailed synopsis of two episodes in one page each.
  • For Animation Feature/Short: Synopsis with Treatment note, five pages in Hindi/English along with stills of proposed visual style, sketches of main characters.

Director’s Bio-data (Ten Copies)

Synopsis Registration (One Copy)

Synopsis must be registered with concerned Film & TV Associations.

NOC and Agreement with Author/ Publisher

If the concept/story/synopsis/theme/ idea is adapted from any Published/Unpublished Book

NOC and Agreement/consent of the author & publisher may be submitted after it is approved by CFSI and before Agreement of film production is executed.

Show-reel/ previous work of Director in one DVD- region free-playable in all type of dvd players.

You are advised to submit previous work executed by you, if submitting proposal for live action;

Previous animation work executed by you or your portfolio, if submitting proposal for animation.

Processing Fee Non-Refundable in Demand Draft of Rs. 10,000/- in favor of Children’s Film Society, India

STAGE 2 (Script & Budget Submission)

Synopsis is evaluated by CFSI Script Committee. If and Only if the Script Committee approves the synopsis on majority basis, applicants are asked to personally come and narrate the storyline-shooting script of the film in front of the committee. Once the committee agrees to take this ahead, script/screenplay and budget for the proposed film is required for submission strictly within 60 days from the date of intimation.

  1. Submission of Synopsis, if revised & Screenplay in Hindi/English only & Roman Hindi will not be accepted (Ten Copies)
  2. Submission of Synopsis, if revised & Story Board- sketches (rough) along with script in case of animation (Ten Copies)
  3. Submission of Main Cast and Crew names and their profiles/bio’s (Ten Copies)
  4. Submission of Detailed Budget with itemized breakdown (Ten Copies)

STAGE 3 (Interaction with Director)

If and only if CFSI Script Committee approves the script and the budget reviewed and approved by CFSI Assessment Committee, the director is called for personal interaction with Script Committee. The Script Committee evaluates the director’s capacity to execute the film according to the vision of the script only after submission of the Pilot- Dry run* in DVD format or PENDRIVE (USB) of one scene of the approved script. The final assessment and decision will be evaluated based on this and the caliber to direct and handle actors will be judged based on this.

After approval of the script, the budget is evaluated by the Assessment Committee and the Director’s Pilot-Dry run* by Script Committee. The proposal thereafter is sent to CFSI Executive Council for final sanction. Final approval of the Proposal is vested with the Executive Council. Decision of CFSI will be final and binding.

If the proposal gets rejected and the concerned Director/Executive Producer reworks on it and submits a better innovative proposal which the Script committee finds it suitable; the project may be then given an opportunity for reconsideration.

PS. CFSI receives applications from film-makers across the country. As in other competitive processes, only a limited number of proposals get final sanction.

* Pilot-Dry run – Film maker can shoot Scene with good resolution camera or smart phone’s or handy cam.


CFSI will sign agreement only with Director/ Executive Producer(EP) of film. As Commissioning Authority of film/TV serial that CFSI funds, CFSI will be deemed as ‘PRODUCER’ and all IP (Intellectual Property) rights belongs to CFSI exclusively. All rights of the said Film/ TV /Web Serial commissioned by CFSI will be vested with ‘PRODUCER’.

After signing the agreement, Director/EP needs to insure (CFSI as beneficiary) of the entire film, right from the first day of Principal photography till the delivery of the final materials to CFSI. Director/EP needs to make sure while working with child artists that the total duration of the shoot should not exceed more than five hours per shift/day. CFSI will provide sanctioned amount to the Director/EP as follows:

a) Amount 1: 20% of the Contract amount strictly against submission of Bank Guarantee of 20% of the total budget. The validity of Bank Guarantee has to be in force till the final stage of approval as Mandatory.

b) Amount 2: 30% of the contract amount against pre-production work viz: actual commencement of shooting advances/signing amount to the various parties/crew members is required. Further, submission & scrutiny by CFSI of vouchers, contracts, bills against release of (a) Amount 1 of 20% amount are necessary.

c) Amount 3: 30% of the Contract amount on approval of Rough-cut and hypothecation of entire material in the prescribed “Form” to the CEO, CFSI.

Further, submission & scrutiny by CFSI of vouchers, contracts, bills against release of (b) Amount 2 of 30% amount are necessary.

d) Amount 4: The balance 20% after delivery of the film duly certified by the Censor Board and acceptance of the entire final deliverables mentioned in Annex-1 . Further, submission & scrutiny by CFSI of vouchers, contracts, bills against release of (c) Amount 3 of 30% amount are necessary.

P.S.: Please note that CFSI will retain the right to stop payment towards the project if the rough cut
does not meet the satisfaction and approval of CFSI and questions are raised about the workmanship of the Director/Executive Producer.


Film Distributors / Organisers

Film Distributors can hire prints of films from CFSI for various types of screening by paying the relevant hire charges.

School Children

CFSI conducts theatrical/non-theatrical screenings of children’s films for the benefit of children all over the country.

Schools. Govt. Organlsations. Pvt. Institutions/Individuals

Authorities can buy DVDs of CFSI films for viewing.

Sr. No.



Rate per DVD ( in Rs.)














50 and above



T. V. Channels

CFSI provides films for screening to T. V.channels who can provide entertainment to their audience.

District & State Authorities

During the Golden Jubilee Film Festival in November 2006 at Delhi, the Honorable Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India announced that there will be no charges to be taken from children for film shows organized by CFSI with effect from 1.4.2007.


a) International / National Children’s Film Festival India: CFSI organizes International Competitive Children’s Film Festival named as “The Golden Elephant” and “National Children’s Film Festival” alternately once every two years in collaboration with the State Government. The International / National festival invariably commences/culminates on 14th November, the birthday of Chacha Nehru and lasts for a period of 7 days. A forum/platform for providing avenues for children’s films screenings, seminars, workshops on animation, video, film appreciation, script-writing, etc alongwith exposure to prominent children’s film makers and children across the country.

b) Participation in International Film Festivals: CFSI’s films participate in various recognized International Film Festivals and have won awards. Such participation has also helped CFSI to promote its films globally.

vii. Responsibility centers and subordinate organizations

Head office at Mumbai and branch offices at Delhi and Chennai

viii. Indicative expectations from service recipients:

CFSI’s main objective is to reach out to children both in urban and rural areas. It tries to reach out to its target through Production & Exhibition of its films and its various activities. Thus, CFSI expects to maintain a healthy working relationship with its clients and citizens and sort out problems (if any) amicably.


International/National Film Producers/Directors

CFSI invites them to be members of Juries for the International Film Festival.

It forms a channelizing agency for children’s films under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Children’s films to be imported/exported and being handled through diplomatic bag of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Vendors/Service Suppliers

CFSI makes prompt payment to all vendors/service suppliers.