Chutkan Ki Mahabharat (Chutkan’s Mahabharat)

(Chutkan’s Mahabharat)

Director: Sankalp Meshram
Hindi/2006/Colour/87mins (Also available in: Kannada, Tamil, Telegu)


Chutkan lives with the family of his uncle who make him do all their work. His only escape is his imagination. Things go horribly wrong when Chutkan begins altering reality through his dreams. He changes the Mahabharata and the warring Kauravas and Pandavas now become friends. The drama folks bound by the spell of his dreams, are unable to recite their original lines. Chutkan then changes his bullying cousin into a donkey and few aggressive villagers into geese. When an exorcist is called to cure him, he dreams up the Pandavas to rescue him. They declare that the only Mahabharat that will be performed henceforth would be Chutkan’s Mahabharat in this Best Children’s Film National Award winning film that will delight everyone.


Director’s Biography: Sankalp Meshram
Sankalp Meshram did an FTII diploma in Editing. He won the National Award for ‘Best Editing’ in the non-feature-film category in 2001 for the film ‘Lokapriya’. He is also a TV director who has directed over 60 episodes of TV shows and a crime thriller. ‘Chutkan Ki Mahabharat’ is his debut film as writer and director and won him the National Award for the Best Children’s film in 2005. He is currently the head of the Editing Department at Digital Academy – The Film School in Mumbai


Best Children Film – 52nd National Film Award – India – 2005