Madhav a mute kid, has too many wonderful toys, but no friends to play with. He befriends Ramu, a monkey and his owner, a thief. This strange friendship has an unexpected affect. In trying to talk to the monkey, Madhav begins speaking haltingly, while Ramu’s thieving owner moved by the child’s innocence, decides to give up stealing. But would it be so easy for him to turn an honest man? Would Madhav ever regain his speech completely?


Director’s Biography: B V Karanth
One of the leading lights of Indian’s cultural space, B V Karanth was a stage and film actor, director and a sought after music director. An alumnus of the prestigious National School of Drama in Delhi, he later became its director. Karanth directed over 100 plays, half of them being in Kannada and the rest in English, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Gujarati. He also directed four feature films and four documentaries besides giving music to 26 others. He won four National Award for his films. He died in 2002.