Chingi Ani Chimi (Chingi’s Squirrel)

(Chingi’s Squirrel)

Director: Dyananda Mukund Naik


Little Chingi’s pet squirrel is called Chimi. One day after seeing a snake, Chimi gets scared and hides in a saxophone. When time comes for Chingi’s father to play the instrument at a parade, he discovers the squirrel hiding inside the instrument. Chingi and her family try their best to lure Chimi out but to no avail. Time is running out as her father has to play the saxophone in the parade. How will the family manage to bring Chimi out?


Director’s Biography: Dyananda Mukund Naik
Dyananda has written directed and produced numerous documentaries and short films for many government departments. She is a member of many committees and institutions formed by the Government of Maharashtra. She writes plays for theatre and TV plays for Bombay Doordarshan and Akashwani Kendra and has also given stage performances. She has also published books for children.