1st Rainbow Children’s Film Festival was organised by Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) in association Children’s Aid Society, Atharva Foundation and Films Division (F.D) for “Children in need of Care and Protection and Children in conflict with Law” held at the Films Division Complex on 8th May, 2019.

The event was graced by Shri. Prashant Pathrabe (Chief Executive Officer, CFSI & DG, Films Division); Hon. Shri. Sunil Rane (Executive President of the Children’s Aid Society and Chairman, Atharva Foundation); Convener –  Shri. Vijay Kshirsagar (C.O. The Children’s Aid Society); Shri. Nilesh Pawar (Member – Children’s Aid Society); Shri. Rajesh Gohil, (Accounts Officer & Administrative Officer (Addl. Charge), CFSI); coordinated by Shri.Sunil Mone and Smt.Sandhya Kale.

The 1st Rainbow Children’s Film Festival in the dream city of Mumbai opened with something very unique to Indian Cinema and it’s one of a kind film festival wherein the more than thousand specially invited children enjoyed CFSI films viz. Pappu Ki Pugdandi, Pinti Ka Sabun, Chutkan Ki Mahabharat, Krish, Trish & Baltiboy-II and foreign acquired films viz. Kauwboy & Windstorm which were screened in 3 Auditoriums at Films Division, Mumbai. These films are a unique method of teaching human values to children.

Children also enjoyed playing in the play area specially made for them and also various food stalls like Pop-corn, Ice-Gola, Candy Floss and more much were set-up for the children.

The film screening was specially organized for the children from the Children’s Aid Society from different locations in Mumbai so they can learn to express themselves through the medium of films.