Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) in association with N.L. Dalmia School, Mira Road is organizing ‘Children’s Film Bonanza’ from July 2-7, 2018 wherein films produced by CFSI would be screened with 3 shows per day. The aim of this film bonanza is to take initiatives in spreading awareness in social issues. This will help broaden the perspective of children and encourage them to reflect on the world around them.

During this event, CFSI in association with Films Division, Mumbai will also be organizing ‘Little Directors’ Workshop for students of N.L. Dalmia School comprising of 40 students, which will give them a perspective in movie making and direction. This would be an opportunity to the participants to write the script on social subject like Gandhiji through the Eye’s of Cinema, Swachchta, Say No to Plastic, Addiction of Mobile, Pressure of Current educational system on Students, Mental Stress. Best Script will be selected for making of films.

At the end of the workshop session, students will make a movie on any topic as mentioned so as to encourage the students to experiment with the moving images, and stimulate pursuit of film-making both as an art as well as a creative expression of their point of view.