Chatpat Chunmun (Smart Chunmun)

(Smart Chunmun)

Director: Asha Dutta
Hindi – English Subtitle/1989/Colour/11mins


Chunmun, a little girl, watches a neighbouring gang of boys play everyday. She longs to play with them but they reject her on the ground that she is small and silly. One day when the boys invite her to join them, she is delighted. Her happiness is short lived as she discovers the real reason for the offer – they need her help to elect a captain. Disappointed but not willing to give up, the intelligent Chunmun decides to use the opportunity to outsmart these over smart boys. Does she succeed? Who is elected captain finally?


Director’s Biography: Asha Dutta
Asha Dutta is a graduate in cinematography from FTII. She has been part of many short and documentary films, including ‘Chatpat Chunmum’ for CFSI. She has also been associated with two international Children’s Film Festivals and has worked on a feature film ‘Meri Kahani’, produced by NFDC while directing ‘Radio Comes to Rampur’ for CFSI.