Char Dost (Four Friends)

(Four Friends)

Director: Nitin Bose / J Mitra


One of the first films made just a year after the formation of CFSI, Char Dost tells the story of two young boys, a girl and a bear they all love. The four friends live an idyllic life having fun, facing challenges and living through perilous adventures together. In a climactic encounter when a man-eating tiger threatens the life of his three human friends, the bear desperately fights to save them. But is a domesticated bear any match for a wild, man-eating tiger?


Director’s Biography: Nitin Bose / J Mitra
One of the early proponents of Indian cinema, director, cinematographer and writer Nitin Bose was the force behind the famous New Theatres in Calcutta. He is attributed to introducing playback singing in films, in his film ‘Bhagya Chakara’ in 1935 in Bengali, that was later made into ‘Dhoop Chhaon’ in Hindi. In his career he directed and cinematographed over 50 films, including six silent films. He was credited for launching K L Saigal and Uttam Kumar. He later moved to Bombay and directed films there. Among his best films include ‘Ganga Jamuna’, considered one of the biggest blockbusters of Hindi cinema. He won the Dadasaheb Phalke in 1977. He died in 1986.