In enduring effort to bring happy moments in the life of special children, screening of CFSI film KARAMATI COAT (Hindi / 1993 / Colour / 90 minutes) directed by Ajay Kartik was organized for visually impaired children at Kamla Mehta Dadar School for Blind.

Brief Synopsis of ‘Karamati Coat’

Raju is a poor rag picker. One day a magical stranger gifts him a red coat. Raju discovers that whenever he puts his hand in the coats pocket, a rupee appears. He and his friends have a good time with this endless supply of one rupee coins. A gang of three and his own brother-in-law discover the secret of the coat and try to steal it. Raju tries hard to protect both himself and his magical coat even as he realizes an important lesson that easy money comes with its own problems and cannot be enjoyed for long.

More than 120 special children enjoy CFSI film.