On the occasion of commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji and in remembrance of 2nd Round Table Conference on 7th Sept 1931 attended by Mahatma Gandhiji to discuss constitutional reforms in India. Special shows were conducted of CFSI film based on Mahatma Gandhiji – ABHI KAL HI KI BAAT HAI – Hindi / 42 minutes for children at the following NGOs, while taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of covid19.

1. Bal Vihar Children Home Delhi

2. Srout, District Korba, Chattisgarh.

3. Hope Home Charitable Trust (Girls Home) Varanasi, U.P.


Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation. His principles of justice, truth and non-violence left a lasting impression on the world. This film aims to inspire kids towards these principles by depicting the life of Gandhi through photographs and exquisite dolls.