‘Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) in collaboration with Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth screened a film named “Malli” directed by Santosh Sivan as a part of our monthly programme at the Conference Hall at Nehru Planetarium on May 7, 2015. The film screening was in collaboration with the Children’s Film Society India. Around 100 students of class 5th of municipal schools run by NDMC attended the film screening accompanied with their 6 teacher’s. The programme began by welcoming the students and introducing them to NMML Institution, the Centre and CFSI as a cultural institution. After that, the crux of the film was highlighted and then the film was played. The duration of the film was 90 min. The children were seen enjoying the film and were singing along with the girl in the film.


After the screening, the children were initiated in a discussion by talking about what they liked the most in the film and what they learnt from it. The responses varied- one of them shared that she liked that scene in which Malli approach the forest to get that rarely found blue bead, this scene signified the strong bond between the two friends, a girl shared that she liked that part of film where the little girl helped the wounded deer which sensitize them towards the animals in our surrounding. Another boy shared that he completely enjoyed all the funny songs which the girl used to sing and her witty ways of dreaming.


After the discussion was over, the children were engaged in a hand-on activity in which they were given ply-cards on which they were asked to write what special gift have they received from their best friend and why is it so special for them. The children wrote about several such moments, one of them wrote that he had received a story book from his friend on his birthday so he considered it as a special one, one of the girl wrote that she cherish a friendship band given by her friend and it is special for her because he name initials are inscribed on it. Another boy wrote that he has received a box of chocolates from his friend on winning a race in school and other girl expressed that a colour box was a special gift which she has received so far. They were acknowledged for their active participation during the entire screening and activity session and then they left the centre happily’.