Date: September 9, 2015
Venue: Activity Hall of Children Centre
No. of children: 100
School: N.P. Co. Ed. Primary School, R.K. Ashram, New Delhi Municipal Corporation


The Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth in collaboration with the Children’s Film Society India screened a film named “Karamati Coat” directed by Ajay Kartik as part of our monthly event “Film Screening”. The film was screened on September 9, 2015 at the Activity Hall of the Children’s Centre. Around 100 students of class 4th & 5th of NP Co-ed. Primary School, R.K. Ashram accompanied with 4 teachers attended the film screening. The timing of the programme was from 10:00 am- 12:00 Noon.


The programme began with team member of NLCCY, Komal Mathur welcoming the students and the teachers. Then they were introduced to the Children’s Centre and CFSI, as a cultural institution which aims to “produce, promote, encourage and support films for children”. The children were then briefed about the plot of the film and then the film was played. The duration of the film was around 90 minutes. During the entire film, the children were seen enjoying and discussing the scenes.


Once the film finished, the children were engaged in an open discussion. They were first asked to share what they thought the film was about. The responses varied, such as the film was all about a magical coat, the film was about the ups and downs of 4 friends, it was about how the young boy Raghu was surrounded with the greedy people in his life. Then, they were asked to name the characters they saw in the film. The students were very excited to respond. One by one the children named all the characters – Raghu, his 3 friends, his brother-in-law and sister, 1 policeman, 3 thieves, a shop owner and the magical stranger lady. The next question which was asked to them was which scene they were most struck with. The students raised their hands enthusiastically to share their responses- one of the girls expressed that she found the strong bonding between the 4 friends the most enjoyable. Another boy highlighted that the different way in which Raghu gets in trouble because of that magical coat struck him the most. One of them even admired the scene in which the old lady gifts the young boy the magical coat which the boy cherishes a lot. The last question discussed with the children was to share their thoughts on – if they would be the director of the movie what would they name the movie? The children interestingly shared the names they would have kept for the movie- “Jadui Coat”, “Samajhdari wale bache”, “Neele baalo wali ka kamal”, “Laalach buri bala hai” and many more.


The programme ended with the vote of thanks given to the teachers and the students for being so energetic and participative throughout the programme. The children expressed their feeling for the programme and happily left the Centre.