‘Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) in collaboration with Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth (NLCCY) organized a film screening as part of the monthly programme in the Activity Hall of the Children’s Centre on April 20, 2015. The movie screened at NLCCY was CFSI film “Gattu” directed Rajan Khosa. Around 100 students of class 7th of municipal schools run by NDMC attended the screening along with five teachers.

The programme began by a team member of NLCCY introducing NMML, the Centre and CFSI. It was shared that CFSI is an institute that was founded by Jawaharlal Nehru soon after independence for the promotion of films especially produced for children. A brief introduction was given about the film and then it was played. The children were seen enjoying the film and were observed discussing the scenes during the entire movie. They expressed their appreciation by clapping when the movie ended.

Once the screening was over, children were asked to share the best scene in the movie. The responses varied- they liked the challenges faced by Gattu, one of them said that they were thrilled to see the ending in which the principal was the one who flew Kali the kite secretly. Another girl responded that she liked the bonding shared by the little boy with his new friends; they even enjoyed the mischievous acts of the children in the film. After this the children were engaged in an activity in which they were asked to form groups of 5 and were asked to draw kites of different styles with a message they would like to spread and wave in sky. The material for activity such as newspaper sheet, glue, fluorescent sheets, sketch pens and crayons were distributed among the groups. After about 15 min. children were ready with their attractive and colourful kites with the messages on them and they displayed their kites to each other. They were acknowledged for their active participation during the entire screening and activity session and then they left the centre happily’.