Children’s Film Society India in collaboration with Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth organized a monthly film screening on January 19, 2015 at the Activity Hall of the Children’s Centre at NMML. The film screened was “Halo” directed by Santosh Sivan. Around 75 students accompanied with 2 teachers from a municipal school, run by New Delhi Municipal Corporation attended the film screening.


The programme began by our team member introducing the CFSI as a cultural institution and why it was set up. During the entire movie, the children were completely engrossed. After the screening the children were involved in an open discussion. They were asked to share what they liked about the film. Their responses varied- they were entertained by Sasha’s friend’s acting who added humour to the movie, they liked the young girl Sasha’s character and her innocence, some liked the title song of the movie. Then they were asked if they had a pet at home or if they share a friendly relationship with any animal in their close vicinity. Some of them responded that they do have a pet at home like a dog, kitten, parrot, etc. They feed them, play with them and personally do all the pet-related work. One of them stated that while they do not have a pet at home, they do have a family of stray dogs in their colony which he loves to feed and spend time with. In return, the dogs cuddle him and he feels the same affectionate feeling from them. A few of the children articulated that after watching this movie, they would also like to befriend little animals.


At the end of the session, children expressed their happiness by applauding enthusiastically.