Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth in collaboration with the Children’s Film Society, India organized a film screening on September 20th, 2014 at the Auditorium of the Main Library Building at NMML. The film screened was “Char Dost” directed by Nitin Bose and J. Mitra. Around 95 students accompanied by 4 teachers from a municipal school run by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation attended the film screening.


The programme began by introducing the CFSI as a cultural institution and why it was set up. The children responded well to the film, laughing and giggling at various points. After the screening, they were asked to write about making a new friend. Their responses were varied – they wrote about making new friends by sharing things like stationery and food, by sharing experiences like joining the same school etc. They also wrote about animals being their friends – animals like dogs, parrot, cow, cat, birds, etc can be our friends, they wrote, if we treat them with love.


The children really enjoyed the screening as it was a rare opportunity for them.