Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth in collaboration with Children’s Film Society, India screened film “Sunday” directed by Pankaj Advani on 29th November, 2014. 100 students accompanied by 4 teachers from a municipal school run by NDMC attended the film screening.

The programme began by familiarizing the students with the Centre and introducing CFSI as a cultural institute, started in 1955 and its purpose. Then the movie was played for them. The children were seen giggling and laughing during the various scenes of the movie. After the film finished, the students were asked to talk about their favourite characters of the movie and their favourite scene. After the interaction, an activity was performed by the students. Small writing cards were distributed and they were asked to write about their most memorable Sunday which they spent with their family, friends or relatives. Their responses varied- one of them wrote how their relatives gave them a surprise visit at home and how all the children went to Children’s Park and spent their whole day playing various sports, another wrote about going to a zoological park and saw various migratory birds and learnt their names. It was a fascinating experience for them. Another response was that they went to see a magic show and watched several interesting tricks; one of them shared her experience of watching a live theatre show for the first time with her family; one of the students wrote about her first time experience of trekking in the mountains during her camp.

All the children enjoyed the film and they left the centre happily.