As you all are aware, CFSI provides value based entertainment to Children. Three Internationally acclaimed CFSI films Gattu, Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa and Pappu ki Pugdandi will be shown on Tata Sky.


CFSI for the first time is screening its films on Tata Sky and with this initiative, we are making rigorous attempts to be on all satellite and terrestrial channels.


Gattu is a story of an illiterate poor child who struggles to maintain his dignity between the two incompatible worlds of poverty and solace of schooling. He dreams of ruling the supreme blue sky with his kites…


Gattu Movie


Goopi Gawaiyaa Bagha Bajaiyaa is an animated movie about two musicians Goopi and Bagha, who are banished from their kingdoms because their music is cacophonic. These banished musicians then play their instruments in the jungle and impress the King of Ghosts who grants them many boons…


Gopi Gavvai


Pappu ki Pugdandi is a story of a young boy named Pappu meets a genie, he thinks all his problems will be taken care of but the genie had had other plans for him which makes Pappu realize that there are no shortcuts to happiness and he identifies his own strength…


Pappu Ki Pugdandi


Enjoy watching these films on Tata Sky.
Channel. 602 and 296 in HD
Channel. 603 and 297 in SD

  • 1st June: Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya
  • 2nd June: Gattu
  • 6th June: Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya
  • 8th June: Gattu
  • 11th June: Pappu Ki Pugdandi