Children Film Society India in collaboration with Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth organized a monthly film screening the on 15th December, 2014. The movie screened was “Scout Camp” directed by well-known Hindi filmmaker Kedar Sharma at the Children’s Centre. Around 100 students with 4 teachers from a municipal school, run by NDMC attended the screening.


During the movie, children were enthusiastic. After the screening, children shared their experiences of various camping expeditions. They also shared their favourite scenes from the movie. Then the children were given cards on which they were asked to write any courageous incident that they had observed in their surroundings. Responses varied – one of them observed his father assisting a blind lady crossing the road, another one responded that among many people in the public, only one person was seen taking an injured person to the hospital in his scooter. They also shared an incident where one of their teachers rescued a girl from eve-teasing and accompanied her to the nearest police station. Another incident shared was that of a neighbour seen announcing in the locality for not throwing garbage anywhere except in the dustbins. One of them shared an experience of saving a wounded street dog from the traffic.


The children enjoyed the film and showed their interest in attending such film screenings.