masterjiCFSI in collaboration with Nehru Learning Centre for Children & Youth, New Delhi are screening CFSI’s film “Masterji” at Auditorium of the Main Library building at Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML), New Delhi on 18th October, 2014 for children’s Municipal schools of Delhi.
Three orphaned children get drawn to a retired school teacher due to his love and affection towards them. Inspired by him, they try to turn their lives around and make a living by selling toys while Masterji educates them. In a competition the work of the three children is seen and honored for being the most skilled. Masterji’s skill at guiding the kids in the right direction is also recognized and he is asked to teach in his old school again. In a gentle tone, the film not only talks about the importance of right guidance in the life of children, but also the importance of teachers in doing so.
Director: Durga Khote / Nilkanth Magdum
Hindi / 1964 / B & W / 50 Minutes