Boond Boond Se Sagar (Pennies For A Cause)

(Pennies For A Cause)

Director: Nagendra Bahuguna


During the Bihar famine of the 1960s, children got together to raise money, food and materials for the famine affected people. This film documents how despite being small, children can provide invaluable support in times of national crises, after all every single drop makes an ocean. The film has many film stars of the times to inspire children in nation building.


Director’s Biography: Nagendra Bahuguna
Nagendra Bahuguna began in the film industry working with Kedar Sharma for years and assisting him in his films. He joined the CFSI as an assistant to Ezra Mir and made many films for the society. Later he joined commercial cinema and worked closely with old-time associate Lekh Tandon.