Bhola Mohan (Mohan The Simpleton)

(Mohan The Simpleton)

Director: Ajoy Kumar Chakravarty


Mohan lives with his old aunt in a forest. He is kind to her and helps her out without a care for his own well being. A fairy impressed by his simplicity and kindness rewards him with a visit to a fairy land and rich gifts.


Director’s Biography: Ajoy Kumar Chakravarty
A Fine Arts graduate from Vishwa Bharati University, Ajay Kumar Chakravorty began work as a visualiser in Bombay and also founded the Anandam Films Society. Later, a 1949 Czechoslovakian puppet film triggered his ambition to learn animation. In 1961 he made India’s first animated puppet film – ‘Nanche Munhe Sitare’ and won a National Award for the same. He won two other National Awards for his 1974 film ‘Alibaba’ and his 1982 film ‘Raju and Tinku’. Chakravarty has made around nine animated films based on fairy tales, mythological themes and historical subjects.