Bandar Mera Sathi (My Friend The Monkey)

(My Friend The Monkey)

Director: Gajanan Jagirdas
Hindi/1966/B & W/83mins


Young Shiboo earns his livelihood running roadside shows with his monkey Munna, who is his only friend in the world. One day Munna runs away and plays havoc with the fruit trees of Raja Saheb’s garden. When Shiboo tries to get Munna back, Raja Saheb asks for Rs. 50 as compensation. Since Shiboo cannot pay this, Raja Saheb sells off Munna to a circus manager. Shiboo is desperate and tries hard to get Munna back. But can a poor, orphan boy without any money, get his only friend back?


Director’s Biography: Gajanan Jagirdas
Actor and director Gajanan Jagirdas has been an influential force in Marathi and Hindi cinema. The historical ‘Umaji Naik’ in 1938 was his directorial debut. Under the Prabhat Studio banner, he made some popular films, including ‘Ramshastri’ (direction) and V Shantaram’s ‘Padosi’ where he acted. After the formation of Atre Studios, Gajanan directed their first feature ‘Pavachi Dasi’, a big hit. His Marathi film ‘Vijayantha’ won a National Award. In the later years of his life, he served in key posts in different film organizations and committees.