Bal Ramayan (Lord Rama’s Twin Sons)

(Lord Rama’s Twin Sons)

Director: Vijay Bhatt
Hindi/1956/B & W/89mins


The Ramayana is a popular epic of India that is meant to teach right living and conduct. The film enacts some well known and loved episodes from the epic in a simple manner for kids. It takes children on a fun ride beginning with the banishment of king Rama, his hardships in the forest, the fight against evil and the birth of his twin sons Luv and Kush. The film tries to instill in children the values of honesty and fair-play in their daily life through stories from the great epic.


Director’s Biography: Vijay Bhatt
Producer, director and writer Vijay Bhatt, was one of the early pioneers of Indian cinema. Moving to Bombay early in his life, Vijay joined his elder brother Shankar who was a producer, by scripting the 1929 silent ‘Delhi Ka Chhela’. For the next half century, he changed the course of Indian cinema by making some of its biggest hits including ‘Ram Rajya’ (1943), ‘Baiju Bawra’ (1952), ‘Goonj Uthi Shehnai’ (1959) and ‘Himalaya Ki God Mein’ (1965). He also founded the influential Film and Television Producers Guild of India. He died in 1993.