Ashwa (The Black Horse)

(The Black Horse)

Director: Shyam Ranjankar


A shepherd boy in a small village sees a black horse drinking water by a pool every day. He plays the flute for the horse and the two develop a special bond. The horse belongs to an ailing feudal lord, whose relatives converge from afar to claim their share of the dying mans property. The horse is given to someone who plans to sell it to a race course for a large sum of money. On way to the city, the horse resists and jumps off a running truck, fracturing a leg. The owner sells the horse to a horse cart puller. Meanwhile unable to bear the separation, the shepherd boy goes looking for the horse in the city and with the help of his flute, finds him. Pained by the torture the horse has to undergo, he dreams of running away with his beloved horse. But can he?


Director’s Biography: Shyam Ranjankar
After doing his BA in Psychology from Pune University, Shyam Ranjankar gravitated towards cinema and graduated in editing and direction from the Film and Television Institute of India. He went on to assist many luminaries of Indian cinema including Bhaskar Chandavarkar in ‘Atyachar’, Govind Nihalani in ‘Ardh Satya’, Saeed Mirza in ‘Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho’, Mahesh Bhatt in ‘Janam’ and Vijay Tendulkar in ‘Swayamsidha’. He has also worked in one of India’s best loved television series, ‘Nukkad’