Anokha Aspatal (The Unusual Hospital)

(The Unusual Hospital)

Director: Mukesh Sharma
Hindi/1989/Colour/98mins (Also available in: English, Tamil)


Amma and her grandson Gagan, run a unique hospital. They treat and offer shelter to wild animals shot and wounded by poachers. Over the years, animals begin to recognize the hospital and often the wounded animals would come on their own. Amma and Gagan have many encounters with animals and poachers that not only affirm the beauty of the animal world over that of humans but also makes them realize the importance of conserving flora and fauna in the larger interest of the world. The film, based on a Hindi short story by Saroj Mukherjee, has won awards globally for its compassionate message.


Director’s Biography: Mukesh Sharma
Mukesh Sharma, a graduate in Science, made his first feature film, Anokha Aspatal in 1989. The film won him a national award for the Best Children’s Film. In 1990 he produced ‘Ankur Maina aur Kabootar’ (Operation Pink Pegion) that is credited as having kick started the film making industry in the tiny nation of Mauritius. Mr. Sharma has had a long association with CFSI, serving as their Production Officer for almost a decade