Anmol Moti (Precious Pearl)

(Precious Pearl)

Director: Nirmal Srivastava
Hindi/1965/B&W/64mins (Also available in: Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya)


A blind old woman lives in a village with her 3 grand sons. Only the youngest – Munna is kind to her and helps her in her chores. The two elder brothers are not only cruel to Munna, but do not give a thought to their grandmother’s blindness and age. One day a fairy appears before Munna asking him to look for a magic conch. Munna wants it to restore his grandma’s sight. Meanwhile his two brothers also come to know of it and stalk Munna for the counch. One of the first children’s film in India, Anmol Moti with its message that kindness is always rewarded, has remained a regular children’s favourite.