Amulyam (Priceless)


Director: Akkineni Kutumba Rao
Telugu - EST/1978/Colour/80mins (Also available in: Hindi)


Amulya’s grandmother Janakamma is a farmer and a traditional healer. She comes to live with Amulya and her parents in the city but is insulted by Amulya’s modern parents for her traditional ways of life. Humiliated, Janakamma decides to return to her village. Amulya, despite being a kid, understands her grandmother and struggles to protect her dignity and self respect eroded by the pace of life and changing values of her modern parents. When nothing works, Amulya follows her grandmother to the village without telling her parents. Will she succeed in reaching out to adults who have forgotten their age old wisdom?


Director’s Biography: Akkineni Kutumba Rao
Akkineni Kutumba Rao is a prolific filmmaker and writer who has many novels and short stories to his credit. His film ‘Bhadram Koduko’ won the National Award for the Best Regional film in 1991. His films ‘Thodu’ and ‘Patha Nagaramlo Pasivadu’ have won state awards in various categories. Besides films, he has also directed many television serials and telefilms in Telugu for Hyderabad Doordarshan. He has also made a Hindi TV serial ‘Manayi’. His feature film ‘Gulabeelu’ (Roses, 2005) premiered at the 14th Golden Elephant Film Festival in 2005.


Best Children’s Film – Golden Nandi Award – A.P. State Nandi Awards – India – 2007