Ammu Ki Bakari (Ammu’s Goat)

(Ammu’s Goat)

Director: Ramu Kariat
Hindi/1980/ Black & white/Hindi (Also available in: Marathi, Punjabi)


Ten year old Ammu has a pet goat Kuttan who infuriates her farmer father Appu by nibbling at everything he grows in his fields. After Kuttan chews up a vegetable patch, Appu beats up Ammu for not disciplining her pet and gives away the errant goat to the landlord. Later, repenting his actions, he gives Ammu a gold chain. The little girl rushes to the landlord pleading him to return her goat. The landlord demands forty rupees. Not having any money, she offers the expensive gold chain in its place. The landlord is deeply touched by the gesture and understands from little Ammu what it is to love animals


Director’s Biography: Ramu Kariat
Ramu Kariat was born and raised in Trichur. After his father’s death when he was barely 12, Ramu gave up formal education and got immersed in Marxist politics and began writing fiction and poetry. He began his film career in 1952, assisting PRS Pillai in ‘Thirumala’. In 1954 he co-directed his first feature film in ‘Neelakkuyil’. Kariat’s 1965 film ‘Cinemeen’ (The Shrimp) won him much acclaim, including the President’s Gold Medal. Ramu’s other notable films include ‘Minnaminungu’ (1957), ‘Mudiyanaya Puthran’ (1961) and ‘Moodupadam’ (1963). He died in 1978.