Ajeeb Ghar (Strange House)

(Strange House)

Director: Rajesh Agarwal


Three fishermen live together in a small hut near the coast and catch fish together. Once, which fishing they are caught in a snowstorm. Thus begins their ordeal that takes them through many adventures, including taking refuge in the stomach of a large whale


Director’s Biography: Rajesh Agarwal
A graduate of FTII, Rajesh Agarwal joined CFSI in 1964. During his eleven year tenure here, he worked with eminent directors like K.A.Abbas, Phani Mazumdar and Ram Gobale among others. After this, since 1975 he began work as a freelance editor, editing many features, documentaries and animated films.After assisting in the making of several TV serials and telefilms, he directing his own TV series and films.