What We Do

CFSI is the prime producer of children's content in South Asia, committed to supporting high quality children's content that is not only entertaining but encourages children to reflect on the world around them.

We produce features, shorts, animations in many diverse languages. Our present catalogue has close to 250 films in 10 different languages. Many of these films have won prestigious national and international awards. Projects submissions are accepted throughout the year and projects are awarded to independent film makers based on the merit of their script as well as their skill for direction. From the stalwarts of the Indian film industry to debut filmmakers, CFSI believes in supporting content that is original and imaginative.

CFSI has launched a new initiative for young kids to explore their side of creativity with "Little Directors"

Guidelines for Advertisement of Little Directors
  1. NGO/organization/schools should be under society registration Act of 1860
  2. Target Audience: Children (Municipal schools, street children, underprivileged kids)
  3. Age Group : 6-16
  4. Topic: Open could be on any subject
  5. Duration: Maximum 5 mins (exemptions accepted)
  6. NGO/Schools/Organizations to conduct Workshops which will include training of children how to make films ,Pre- Production, Post production and final delivery of the film
  7. CFSI will extend all support in terms of funds which will include the cost incurred for Pre-Production, Post Production, hiring of equipment’s, Conducting Workshops and inclusive of remuneration
  8. Final copy to be playable through DVD (Open region/region free) and or pen drive.
  9. Films made would be a property of CFSI and CFSI could exploit the films various rights/telecast etc at its discretion.

Interested NGO/Organizations/Schools may kindly email their proposals on production@cfsindia.org /admin@cfsindia.org

CFSI believes in promoting every child's right to entertainment. In collaboration with partners, CFSI organises free film screenings throughout the country reaching four million children every year.

CFSI's core objective is to make good films available to children in every corner of India, who otherwise may not have access to them. In order to reach the urban poor, rural and tribal children, we regularly organize screenings in remote parts of the country. Many of our films are dubbed in major Indian languages so that children from various regions can enjoy it.

Our films are shown to over four million children annually through free film screenings and regional film festivals in collaboration with State and local governments as well as private institutions and NGOs.

Our marketing division, based in Mumbai with two branch offices in Chennai and Delhi, is engaged in the promotion of children's films through free exhibitions as well as through sales.

CFSI content is available to diverse audiences in India and outside through the sale of theatrical and non-theatrical rights. CFSI markets its films through the sale of DVDs in partnership with various agencies.

One of our main marketing activities is to promote children's films through revenue generating sale of rights to both Indian and foreign buyers. These include: Theatrical, Non-theatrical, Television, Satellite, Video, Cable, Internet and other distribution rights.

Telecast rights of our films are sold to both General Entertainment as well as Children's channels including POGO, Hungama, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Star Network, Zee Cinemas, Doordarshan, etc. We also market films that have been subtitled or dubbed in different languages through various regional channels.

We also acquire exhibition rights to outstanding international and national children's films and promote them through theatrical and non-theatrical screenings, to enable children in India to view the best of world cinema.

CFSI also promotes films through sale of DVDS, which can be bought from CFSI offices and from select retail outlets.