Aasman Gir Raha Hai (Sky Is Falling)

(Sky Is Falling)

Director: Satish Kadrekar
Hindi/1987/Colour/11mins (Also available in: Tamil)


A forest rabbit is always nervous. He jumps and gets scared at the slightest sound and movement. Once the sound of a big leaf falling, scares him half to death. A naughty fox shouts ‘The sky is falling, run’ to poke fun of the rabbit. The poor rabbit thinks it to be true and creates panic in the jungle and scares other animals


Director’s Biography: Satish Kadrekar
Animator, cartoonist, commercial designer and filmmaker Satish Kadrekar, inspired by his father, took up drawing from an early age. He assisted film animator Madhave Kunte for 2 years before beginning work for the ad agency, Hindustan Thompson. Ever since Satish has been working as a freelance animator and illustrator, working titles of many films while also making several films of his own. He has also designed many books, including one on the biography of eminent filmmaker V Shantaram